Monday, May 10, 2010

Promoting Repertory Film

Philadelphia has a repertory film problem. Not enough old movies screen here, and the ones that do have a hard time gaining an audience. For many, these two go together: we do not have more of a film culture because there is no demand. However, it may be more of a matter of a vicious circle, so I hope to promote local screenings with the hope of encouraging both demand and supply. At the very least, there are currently exciting events across the city worth paying attention to.

If you have an event you want me to be aware of, drop me a line at ccagle AT temple DOT edu. I will tend to reserve space here for screenings of older films or harder-to-see foreign or independent work, and I will prioritize films projected on celluloid or high-quality format. The exception will be work originally produced for video or other non-film formats.

And if you have any suggestions for what would make this a better blog, let me know.

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