Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheryl Dunye at Swarthmore

This, Friday, filmmaker Cheryl Dunye will be at Swarthmore in person with her latest feature film The Owls.

Friday, March 25

Science Center 101
Swarthmore College

Opening the 2011 Queer and Trans Conference, “Queer Futures”

Written by Dunye, the Philadelphia-raised director of such acclaimed films as The Watermelon Woman and Stranger Inside, and novelist and playwright Sarah Schulman, The Owls reunites the stars of the lesbian classic Go Fish in a humorous generational anthem for “Older, Wiser Lesbians.” Raised in the shadow of “pathological lesbian” films like The Fox, The Children’s Hour and The Killing of Sister George, these women embraced the utopian vision of a Lesbian Nation. Now, approaching middle age, they are caught between a mainstream culture that still has no place for them, and a younger generation of queers who are indifferent to their contributions. In this low-budget, collectively produced film, Dunye returns to the signature style of her “Dunye-mentaries”--hybrids of fiction and interview footage capturing lesbian communities in all their intrigue. Murder! Infidelity! Dinner parties! The Owls premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and was produced by feminist film scholar and video activist Alexandra Juhasz.

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