Friday, September 19, 2014

Film of the Week: The Conformist

The Ritz theaters do not show repertory films all that regularly, but the plus side when they do, there are multiple screenings for the week. That gives plenty of opportunity to go see The Conformist (1970) this week. It's one of Berolucci's most famous films and justifiably so: it's a work which achieves a remarkable balance of the modernist currents of 1960s art cinema with a literary-thematic storytelling centered around Italian war and postwar history. And, if anything, seeing it on a big screen is an opportunity to enjoy cinematographer Vittorio Storaro's work.

The Conformist
Ritz Bourse
Friday, September  19 - Thursday, September 25
showtimes: 1:20 4:05 7:00 9:30

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